【Uoiyoshi Seafood Course】 Sea Urchin / Sushi with Sashimi / Sushi / Main dish etc 7 dishes 120 minutes Unlimited Drink 4000 yen

【Uoiyoshi Seafood Course】 Sea Urchin / Sushi with Sashimi / Sushi / Main dish etc 7 dishes 120 minutes Unlimited Drink 4000 yen

4000 yen

New course starting in June! Nemuro Produce Sea Urchin and Fresh Fish Shape etc. Assorted sushi sashimi 8 sashimi and beef sushi pottery grill, 7 dishes including cooked sushi dishes 120 drinks All you can drink (Mortz barrel · Super carbonate angle high ball · Mirror monthly dividing · Cocktail · Wine · Soft drink etc. Enriched content) In addition, all 10 types of local sake that match seafood at + 500 yen · with ground distilled spirits

◆ food and drink
~ Content daily

Assorted sashimi (8 sashimi)
~ 1. Nemuro Producing Sea Urchin Sashimi
2. The appearance of Rausu artificial soy
3. Sashimi with raw fruit sweet shrimp
4. Nominal productive scalloped scallop sashimi
5. Sashimi of bonito from Kumamoto
6. Sashimi with black snapper from Kumamoto
7. Sashimi of tuna from Kamaishi
8. Ehime sea bream sashimi
Depending on the season ※ Outdoor stuff
There may be more cases.
Depending on the purchase situation, content
You might want to change.

【Main menu to choose】 ※ Please choose from the following two types.
◆ cattle like ceramic plate grilled
~ We used special cattle and vegetables
Terry-baked wind-board grill
◆ Yuzu of autumn salmon Ceramic plate grill
~ Now I used a salmon salmon in the season
Citrus grill with yuzu flavor

◆ salad
~ Tofu Salad
Dressing with raw seaweed

◆ fry
~ Deep-fried potatoes of Sanma

◆ pottery
~ Rice with eggplant meat Miso rakuraku

◆ meal stuff
~ Two handshakes of sushi

[+1000 yen]
◆ Change beef wear pottery grill to Shiraoi cow pottery grill

[+1000 yen]
◆ Boiled bean with hair crab

[+1000 yen]
◆ Boiled beach with crab

[+1000 yen]
◆ Add active abalone and peony shrimp to 8 sashimi assorted sashimi

Coupon that can be used

  • 【Uoiyoshi Seafood Course】 Sea Urchin with Structure Building Stone Sterling · Beef Sushi Ceramic Plate Bake · Sushi etc. 7 dishes 120 minutes Unlimited drink 4000 yen

    • Presentation conditions
      At the time of booking
    • Conditions of use
      3 people ~ (+ 2 people use + 300 yen / reservation required on the day) / + 500 yen with local sake · ground with shochu premium all-you-can-drink / can not combine with other tickets
    • Expiration date
      Until the end of September, 2017